September 14th - 17th, 2015
Hokkaido Univ.
Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan


133A4270.jpg133A4270.jpgSapporoThe Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) returns to Japan! The 49th congress will be held in in Sapporo, Japan from September 14th to 17th in 2015. The aim of the ISAE is to encourage and support basic and applied research into the behavior of animals as related to the use of animals by humans. This includes domestic, laboratory, zoo, companion, pest and captive animals or managed wild animals. In Japan, annual meeting about the behavior and welfare of animals is hosted, and "Animal Behaiour and Management" is published jointly by Japanese Society for Applied Animal Behaviour and Japanese Society for Livestock Management. ISAE2015 is supported by these Japanese Societies.

The ISAE 2015 Japan in now setting the main theme as "Ethology for sustainable Society”. Followings are sub themes;

"Animal welfare assessment for good farm practice and production"
"Freedom to express normal behavior in captive animals"
"Behavioral approaches to wild animal management"
"Human-animal interactions and animal cognition"

Information of the Congress (the deadline for paper submission, scientific program and registration, accommodation etc.) will be update soon:

Congress will be held in Hokkaido University that is located in the center of Sapporo city.Many Hotels and shops, restaurants are around Congress venue. The rich natural environment is one of the most significant aspects of Sapporo. Culture of Sapporo is also interesting. Sapporo city is very easy access from Tokyo or other Japanese city, also other countries. Direct train from airport to Sapporo station. It take about 30 minutes to get to the center of Sapporo city. Then, from Sapporo station to the congress venue in Hokkaido University, you can walk within 15 minutes

We invite you to mark your calendar now for the annual event in applied animal behavior and welfare science, in JAPAN!

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